Australian Birds


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Yellow Eastern Robin

I love birds. In Australia, like any where else in the world, there are a variety of birds ranging from big, strong, noisy birds to small delicate birds, like the blue fairy wrens in some of my paintings, below. I consider myself fortunate to have a variety of birdlife visiting my backyard on a regular basis.

I also like to feature some native flora in my Australian bird paintings, things like eucalyptus trees, gum nuts and flowers, all of which bring me a lot of pleasure.

Kookaburras have such strong character. Their unique laugh is a privilege to hear. Their wide range of colours also makes them a joy to paint. I hope that the paintings bring out some of the joy one might feel when you see or hear a kookaburra in the wild.

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NOTE: Please contact me with regard to painting sizes and prices. All paintings are typically on Arches 100% cotton 300GSM paper, though different paintings may use different paper textures from time to time according to the needs of the painting.

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