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All prints are professional fine art reproductions, signed, numbered and printed on Arches Aquarelle 310gsm paper in order to faithfully reproduce the original painting. Small medium and large sizes available.

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Emu Print - Under my Red Umbrella VWe live in such a serious world, don’t we?

We all have jobs to do, goals to meet and mouths to feed. We have gadgets beeping at us 24/7 and half of those gadgets are bringing us news we don’t want to hear: that the world is gearing up to move even faster.

There was a time in our lives when we could just have fun. We could try things, make friends, go on adventures and do all sorts of things together.

In a hectic, noisy world, my emu paintings are created to put a smile on people’s faces. Their piercing, vivid eyes, dazzling blue necks and comical faces provide a wonderful vehicle for achieving this intention.

They’re boundless in their enthusiasm, unconstrained by their lack of arms and committed to doing extraordinary things every day. They’re fun, friendly, adventurous and inspiring.

They’re everything we want to be, but with feathers!

I hope that you enjoy the paintings and that they bring a smile to your face. This is a small selection of emu paintings that now reside in homes and collections around the world – from Australia to Canada, Finland, Sweden, Thailand and beyond.

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NOTE: Please contact me with regard to sizes and prices for original paintings. All paintings are typically on Arches 100% cotton paper, though different paintings may use different paper textures from time to time according to the needs of the painting.

The artist asserts copyright over all original works and imagery on the pjpaintings.com website.