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Musical Medley – SOLD

Music is an art form and it’s fitting that the instruments made to produce it are as visually beautiful as the music they create.

My musical paintings are inspired by the shapes of these instruments – the various materials used and the way they curve and flow. I love the ornate hardware of the clarinet, the spaghetti tubing of the french horn. The black and white of the piano keyboard makes for a perfect road along which to explore the musical journey. It would be nice if you could dance across a keyboard; if life could be as carefree as running and jumping through this medley of musical instruments as the dancers in some of my paintings are free to do.

These paintings add collage to my usual watercolor media, with sheet music scattered around the paintings to add both purpose and texture.

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NOTE: Please contact me with regard to painting sizes and prices. All paintings are typically on Arches 100% cotton 300GSM paper, though different paintings may use different paper textures from time to time according to the needs of the painting.

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