Card: Santa’s Helpers (5-pack)


Santa’s Helpers is a fun new Christmas card featuring emus helping Santa deliver the many presents. It’s difficult to manoeuvre toboggans at the best of times, even more so when bearing bags of gifts.  Sold as a set of five cards only. Also available as part of a mixed set of cards.

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This greeting card features a fine quality reproduction of an original watercolour painting by Patricia Hopwood-Wade. The original painting was painted on fine quality Arches paper.

This card is a standard size suitable for standard postage rates (in Australia) and comes with an envelope. Both card and envelope arrive in a protective sealed plastic wrapping.

The card is blank on the inside and shows the painting title and artist details on the rear.


All of our greeting cards are professionally photographed and printed, are of extremely high quality in both detail and color reproduction. Photos used on this website are scaled down for web purposes and do not show the depth or detail in colour as per the professional print.

This is a 100% Tasmanian product – painted, photographed and card printed right here in Hobart.

Below: A mixed set of three Christmas cards, also available as a 5-pack.



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